8 Step Problem Solving Method

Stage 4 and the identification of root cause is, arguably, the most difficult and the most poorly executed.Here Mark took us through a detailed process to move from the prioritised problem to possible direct causes.

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But often, it isn’t done well and in many cases may not fix the actual problem we set out to.

Toyota, on the other hand, uses a systematic problem solving process which carefully frames the problem, finds true root cause and uses experiments to test countermeasures to ensure the problem is fixed once and for all.

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The tools of a Lean Production System are designed to identify problems.

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The mistakes are to jump in and prescribe possible direct causes to the problems without going to Gemba to confirm the facts.

Here direct cause – observed causes of the problem - and root cause – the actual end cause we are trying to identify - are often confused.

Do you have standardization and experience in all levels of your organization to solve them?

The extent to which training and your organization's involvement in problem solving will determine your success in your efforts of Lean.


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    UK Lean Systems Program’s course, 8 Step Problem Solving Process, is not just more steps to make it more complicated or unique to us. It is based upon a highly successful model used by Toyota. The instructors are former Toyota management members who have successfully used the method…

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