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Fridays had the highest daily rate followed by Mondays.March had the highest monthly rate followed by May and December.

Fridays had the highest daily rate followed by Mondays.March had the highest monthly rate followed by May and December.Sick leave comprised 62.4% of all absences while personal leave accounted for 22.6%. Elementary and secondary teachers had almost identical rates.

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Questions 4 and 5 sought to determine how accurately teachers' rate of absenteeism, age, gender, years of teaching experience, degree and certification predicted 3 grade student achievement in language arts and mathematics.

Questions 2 and 3 were answered using a causal-comparative research design to determine the differences in MCT2 scores of students in Grades 3–8 whose teachers missed 5 or fewer days and students whose teacher missed more than 5 days of school.

Fifty-four parents of students in K-3 from 15 inner-city schools participated in individual interviews that explored their views on the links between the purpose of school, attendance, and academic achievement.

While most parents’ perceptions were that attendance is important providing social and academic value, several noted that they kept their child at home to bond with a parent or to support their children's mental health.

Chronic absenteeism affects students’ academic achievement as well as their social and emotional wellbeing.

In early elementary school, the primary responsibility for school attendance rests with parents and guardians.

The second collected information regarding individual teachers and their absence experience for the school year.

Rates of absence were computed for the entire group as well as for selected demographic and district groups with similar characteristics.

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