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“My research is right where it should be,” he said.“I am able to collaborate with some of the most important Dante scholars in the world while working across disciplines with medieval historians, Latinists, and paleographers.

“My research is right where it should be,” he said.

“But no one has attempted to outline the possible influence that late-medieval education might have exerted on his classicism.

That’s what I aim to do.” Gianferrari chose Notre Dame because of the opportunity to study in both the Medieval Institute and in the Devers Program in Dante Studies.

“Aside from providing invaluable financial support, the ACLS and its community of fellows is well-known for its additional training, whether through interdisciplinary workshops or through its commitment to mentoring young scholars like myself as we prepare to enter the job market,” she said.

“I look forward to completing my dissertation as a member of this distinguished community of fellows.” Walker’s adviser is music professor Annegret Fauser, the Harold J.

“The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship is awarded through a highly competitive process, and recognizes research potential, as well as the accomplishment of the graduate student researcher,” said Steve Matson, dean of The Graduate School.

“This is a remarkable honor for John and Jennifer, and continuing affirmation of Carolina’s strength in training graduate students for leadership in their academic fields.” The ACLS, a private nonprofit federation including 74 national scholarly organizations, presents the dissertation completion fellowships through a grant from the Andrew W.

And I have the resources of an amazing medieval studies library at my disposal.” Although nearly everyone associates Newton with formulating the laws of motion and discovering the law of universal gravitation, his contributions to philosophy and a broader scientific understanding are not as well known.

In addition, Solomon said, the debates and philosophical controversies that shaped the history of mathematical physics in the early 18 century are almost forgotten, and research on the work of female natural philosophers, such as Émilie Du Châtelet, is long overdue.

candidate in the History and Philosophy of Science Program at the John J.

The awards support a year of research and writing for advanced graduate students in their final year of dissertation work.


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