Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Lab Report

He now specializes in topics related to health, exercise and nutrition, publishing for various websites.The first part of the experiment involves the quantification of plasmid DNA by.I remember doing a lab with gel electrophoresis, i could go look it up, but im nto gonna bother, but i think the actual make up of the gel can.

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When electrified, the matrix will become conductive, allowing electricity to flow along its length.

Another special property of the gel matrix is the presence of regular, microscopic holes.

By Aaron Jacobs, partner: Elizabeth Marlowe, Biology 110 lab, section 33.

3) Interpretation and trouble shooting of agarose gel electrophoresis;.

When the gel is cooled, the comb is removed, leaving little slots which will be used to hold DNA samples.

A special characteristic of the cooled agarose mixture (called a gel matrix) stems from the fact that it is created with salt water.Typically, gels are made in thin sheets using a substance called agarose.Powdered agarose is placed in a flask, followed by a salt water solution called a buffer.These holes will allow strands of DNA to travel through the gel matrix and facilitate the sorting process.Your next step is to create an electrophoresis chamber.Using a pipette, transfer a sample of DNA solution into each alternating slot in the gel matrix.In the empty slot between each sample, place some solution of DNA whose length you already know (called DNA standard) for experiment control and comparison. Under negative power, your DNA samples will be forced across the length of the chamber.This mixture of agarose and buffer is heated until the two substances melt together, then poured into a forming mold.A device called a comb is then placed at one end of the mold before the gel cools.The gel electrophoresis lab uses a relatively straightforward procedure, and the same basic technique can be used to separate individual proteins, as well.To begin the gel electrophoresis procedure, you first must create the gel.


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