Angela Carter The Bloody Chamber Critical Essays

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I asked for reccommendations for an elementary school and this was suggested.(?

) Some of the reviews mention overt sexuality - is this really appropriate for 6th graders, or was someone not paying attention to the audience I am buying for?

She is a talented pianist, and a young man, a blind piano tuner, hears her music and falls in love with her.

The women’s husband tells her that he must leave on a business trip and forbids her to enter one particular room while he is away.

She has no conception of women's sexuality as autonomous desire."(Friedman) Both critics have pointed out that Carter merely presents women as objects in a patriarchal system.

Yet, what they fail to mention is that she also proposes the idea that their repression is the source of their power – the female character's sexual power is derived from their exploitation.The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter is written proof that fairy tales actually do come true.Carter very skillfully takes the essence of the fairytale Bluebeard, upon which it is based, and recreates it so that its social context becomes significant to modern day.Will created Ask Will back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging, and online marketing.He now runs others websites such as Poem and Restoring .Jeff Vander Meer suggests in a documentary that "Carter's stories and novels always examine the ways men treat women; they never form a blueprint for utopia" (Vandermeer).Similarly another critic argues that "Carter envisages women's sensuality simply as a response to male arousal.Her renditions are intended to disturb and titillate her audience, instead of lulling it to sleep.The title story recasts the legend of Bluebeard, the mysterious French nobleman who murders his many wives.The brave piano tuner is willing to stay with her even though he knows he will not be able to save her.She is saved at the last moment at the end of the story by her mother, who arrives and shoots the Marquis just as he is about to murder the girl.


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