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Now let's look a little bit more closely at natural selection and see what that is.

Now let's look a little bit more closely at natural selection and see what that is.Natural selection is the idea that those who have a genetic trait that increases their chance of having children or offspring they'll pass their genes on more than those who don't have that genetic trait.Cows how do we get all the different breeds of cows?

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You have bulls that have traits that you don't like become hamburger.

And we are selecting for those that we want with the traits that we want getting rid of the ones that we don't want.

He found giant versions of sloughs I mean the size of like a Rhino but modern sloughs are nowhere near that big and you realize hey those giant sloughs might be the ancestors of our modern sloughs. Embryology if you at the development of different kinds of creatures you can see changes as they grow and develop from the fertilized egg to the full juvenile offspring.

You can see how they develop and scientists haven't been able to figure out those with similar development in their embryo stage are likely more closely related.

If we're talking about the population of the entire United States my death has relatively little impact.

Now what's some of the evidence that Darwin used to come up with his theory of evolution and some of the evidence that scientists use nowadays in order to construct our better understanding of how new species arise from old ones.

You have a dog with some traits that you like, you have a dog with traits that you don't like, this doggy gets fixed snip, this doggy has lots of pups.

And you keep raising the pups that have the qualities that you like.

And he realized that if you give this enough time and when I say enough time that's at the geological scale so this is centuries, thousands of years, millions of years.

If enough changes occur over time a long time this can create new species from pre existing species.


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