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In 1973 Egypt and Syria attacked an overconfident Israel.Israel sustained heavy initial losses, but rebounded and succeeded in defeating both the Syrian and Egyptian Army's. The Egyptians Accords were superseded after the visit if Egyptian President Sadat to Jerusalem by the Camp David Accords which led to a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.That visit was used as an excuse for the Palestinians to resort to violence.

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Israel quickly captured all of the Sinai from Egypt.

During that war Jordan despite Israel's request that it stays out, began attacking Western Jerusalem.

Israel responded by capturing the Old City of Jerusalem and all of the West Bank.

Israel went on to capture the Golan Heights from Syria.

The effect of the war was to convince both sides that the conflict could not be resolved by war. In 1993 an agreement was reached between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel.

This agreement which became known as the Oslo Accords, resulted in the majority of the Gaza Strip and the major Arab cities in the West Bank coming under Palestinian control. Prime Minister Barak and Palestinian Authority head Yassir Arafat met at Camp David.

Ariel Sharon became the Prime Minister after defeating Barak in an early election.

After a particularly deadly bombing on Passover eve Israel reoccupied the major cities of the West Bank and brought an end to he terror wave.


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