Argumentative Research Paper On Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Funds The United States government spends up to the sum of .

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Animal testing affects everyone in the modern world today. The testing is performed so that there is a better understanding of what reactions drugs may have, so that we can figure out which drugs help which diseases, as well as observe how certain drugs affect conditions such as pregnancy and other side effects they may cause like cancer.

and in accordance with currently accepted professional practice for a particular circumstance or... "Medical Progress Depends on Animal Research." Animal Experimentation (2012): n.

"It Is Not Possible to Completely Replace Animals in Medical Research." Animal Experimentation (2014): n.

Animal testing should be allowed because any means used to advance treatment of human diseases should be available to medical researchers. "The Animal Welfare Act Protects Animals from Abuse in Scientific Research." Animal Experimentation (2013): n.

Many medical advancements have been made possible due to animal research.


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