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“When people avoid, deny, or renounce the ugly truths that have been happening in our communities, in our cities, in our countries, and in the world, our future becomes precarious,” she said.

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In fact, some individuals were even found to be in denial that any changes have occurred since the beginning of the outbreak.

From their perspectives, there hasn’t been a significant difference in the sociopolitical, cultural, and economic environment for the past three years. Lucia Vicente, lead researcher in the study of these new pathogens and the diseases they have caused, held a press conference yesterday to emphasize the insidious nature of this disease, and the negative impact it will have on society at large.

Scientists from the Department of Intelligent, Learned, Analytical, Wise, and Astute Nerds (DILAWAN) have recently found a new mutated strain, dubbed the ABN or Abnegate virus.

This was discovered in individuals exposed to the Obosen and O-2 O-2 viruses, but who only Instead, they gradually began to show signs of detachment and apathy — burrowing into their daily routines, distancing themselves from both the infected and immune, focused only on the minutiae of their lives, existing as though the epidemic and its aftermath did not exist.

Lucia Vicente, virologist and lead researcher into the Obosen phenomenon, announced today that several people have been identified as infected not just in New York, but also in many other states.

She said the pathogen has been named the O-2 O-2 virus, because it not only causes the person to display the symptoms of the original Obosen, but it has the additional feature of severe gullibility that is completely resistant to any factual correction whatsoever. Vicente also added that this virus has no identified antidote.

There are those who still swear undying loyalty, despite knowing the truth of his crimes and misdeeds. But it’s important to remember that regardless of how you feel and what you think, and despite Rodrigo assuring you that he’s willing to be held accountable (yeah, right) for all his crimes, you still hold some responsibility for the affliction he is heaping upon the country right now. How that payment will be exacted remains to be seen. Your vote on Monday is going to be essential in determining what the outcome of that reckoning will be. Since the outbreak of 2016, it seems as though the Philippines has been plagued by one disease after another.

There are those who will quietly resist the downpour of facts, because to do otherwise would mean looking inside themselves and reflecting on their choices. It started with the Inutility Syndrome caused by the Obosen virus, which spread like wildfire throughout the country, costing thousands of lives and previously functioning neurons.

Shameless and open corruption (see: the Teo-Tulfo debacle, the Calida security company government contracts, the PCIJ report on Bong Go’s family business, the PCIJ report on the rise in the Duterte family wealth, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera). We knew what he was, who he was, and what he was capable of, whether we acknowledge it out loud or not. We justified it by saying our city improved and became safer, by saying that our economy flourished, and by saying that his no-nonsense, shortcut methods were effective.

The willingness of the government to hand over resources to China for a fee. We justified it by saying it was too risky to speak up, by saying we didn’t want to get involved anymore because it was just too much of a hassle, and by saying all politicians are the same anyway so what difference would it really make if he won.


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