Assign Drive Letter Windows 7

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Also keep in mind that if there are several partitions on the USB flash drive, then Windows will only see the first partition.

The ability to create multiple partitions on removable USB drives appeared only in Windows 10 1703.

Try to connect the USB flash drive directly to the computer (without the USB hub), check whether the power is on, and whether it is recognized on other computers. 4 of my 9 USB keys no longer mount on my computer but worked on my wife’s so I knew it was a Windows problem.

Gave up a year ago trying to solve the problem because none of the solutions on the web worked – and there are tons of them.

Previously, in order to make second and subsequent partitions on the USB flash drive were accessible in Windows, you had to use a trick to make Windows recognize USB flash drive as a HDD).

If your USB flash drive doesn’t appear in the Disk Management console, try using a different USB port, cable.

In the list of drives, locate the connected removable USB drive.

As you can see, the disk is online, it has one healthy partition with the NTFS, but it is not assigned with a drive letter.

This is less common when mapping local files as it will only occur if you say re-name the folders in the path.

The resolution if this does occur is is used to connect to a location and that location becomes unreachable windows will report drive as disconnected and not try to re-connect until user tries to re-connect to resources on the mapped drive.


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