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There will be speeches by, among others, Patriarch Bartholomew I, Archbishop Rowan Williams, Rabbi David Rosen, a representative of the International Conference of Islamic Schools, and a non-believer, Professor Julia Kristeva.

After lunch there will be time for "silence, reflection or personal prayer" for the delegates in the convent of the Basilica before the delegates head up for a gathering outside the Basilica of St Francis here in the main town, where they make a joint commitment to peace.

But as soon as we are wolves, we are beaten."In Italian, the "temptation" Pope Benedict speaks of is even more graphic: literally "a wolf among wolves".

The message for religious leaders is clear: in a wolf-run world, people of faith must be sheep if peace is to stand a chance.

To cut the story very short, St Francis understands why the wolf is terrorizing the people of Gubbio, and offers him a lifetime of food in exchange for his agreeing to abandon his violence.

In a touching conclusion to the story, the wolf assents to the pact by placing its paw in the friar's hand.

The tourists complained that the homeless are the 'wolves'.

not so when in the Church and acknowledged as Francis showed..

It was a bold, imaginative act by John Paul II, the kind of symbolic gesture that perhaps only a pope is capable of organizing; and all the more powerful for taking place in the town associated with perhaps the greatest peacemaker in Christian history.

on the 2002 meeting, I was taken by the famous story of St Francis and his famous taming of the Wolf of Gubbio, seeing it as a powerful metaphor for the way in which faith can build peace.


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