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" and flew up, struggling like a fish, into his arms. " She drew him into the salon, where the family waited, a boy and girl his daughter's age, his sister-in-law and her husband.She pulled his head around by one ear and set her cheek against his. He greeted Marion with his voice pitched carefully to avoid either feigned enthusiasm or dislike, but her response was more frankly tepid, though she minimized her expression of unalterable distrust by directing her regard toward his child.

He had never eaten at a really cheap restaurant in Paris.

Five-course dinner, four francs fifty, eighteen cents, wine included. As they rolled on to the Left Bank and he felt its sudden provincialism, he thought, "I spoiled this city for myself.

The main conflict in Babylon Revisted in the custody battle for Honoria Wales.

Charlie Wales wishes to regain custody for his nine year old daughter from her appointed guardian and aunt, Marion Peters.

"Back in America, gone to work." "And where is the Snow Bird? Charlie scribbled an address in his notebook and tore out the page. It was not an American bar any more--he felt polite in it, and not as if he owned it. He felt the stillness from the moment he got out of the taxi and saw the doorman, usually in a frenzy of activity at this hour, gossiping with a chasseur by the servants' entrance.

Schaeffer, is in Paris." Two familiar names from the long list of a year and a half ago. But the stillness in the Ritz bar was strange and portentous.

"Really extremely well," he declared in answer to Lincoln's question. His heart leaped; he had wanted it to come like this. Good-by, dads, dads, dads, dads." He waited in the dark street until she appeared, all warm and glowing, in the window above and kissed her fingers out into the night. Marion sat behind the coffee service in a dignified black dinner dress that just faintly suggested mourning.

"There's a lot of business there that isn't moving at all, but we're doing even better than ever. I'm bringing my sister over from America next month to keep house for me. Lincoln was walking up and down with the animation of one who had already been talking.

He called for the dice and shook with Alix for the drink. It was late afternoon and the streets were in movement; the bistros gleamed.

Charlie watched a group of strident queens installing themselves in a corner. "Stocks rise and fall, people loaf or work, but they go on forever." The place oppressed him. " "I'm here for four or five days to see my little girl." "Oh-h! " Outside, the fire-red, gas-blue, ghost-green signs shone smokily through the tranquil rain.


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