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There is a tradition called speculative grammar which existed from the 11th to the 13th century.

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However, by the end of the Cronic, he had admitted that some social conventions were also involved, and that there were faults in the idea that phonemes had individual meanings.

Aristotle interested himself with the issues of logic, categories, and meaning creation.

The result of their studies was the elaboration of linguistic-philosophical notions whose complexity and subtlety has only recently come to be appreciated.

Many of the most interesting problems of modern philosophy of language were anticipated by medieval thinkers.

A proper suppositio, in turn, can be either formal or material accordingly when it refers to its usual non-linguistic referent (as in "Charles is a man"), or to itself as a linguistic entity (as in "Charles has seven letters").

Such a classification scheme is the precursor of modern distinctions between use and mention, and between language and metalanguage.

The Stoic philosophers made important contributions to the analysis of grammar, distinguishing five parts of speech: nouns, verbs, appellatives (names or epithets), conjunctions and articles.

They also developed a sophisticated doctrine of the lektón associated with each sign of a language, but distinct from both the sign itself and the thing to which it refers.

He also argued that primitive names had a natural correctness, because each phoneme represented basic ideas or sentiments.

For example, for Plato the letter l and its sound represented the idea of softness.


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