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Bachelor’s Degree in Another Field: With a high demand for nurses, it’s becoming more common for people to enter nursing as a second career.If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing, you may be a hot commodity for a nursing program.

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Associate’s Degree and/or RN: If you have your associate’s degree (ASN) and your RN license, you’re halfway to the BSN.Nursing school applicants tend to skew older than traditional-aged college students (older than 25) and are traditionally women, but in general, the people applying for nursing school come from everywhere – a variety of racial, ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds.When we say “applying for nursing school,” we mean applying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.Essay/Personal Statement – This may be the hardest part, especially for nontraditional-aged students who haven’t been writing in class for a while.It’s no crime to get someone to help you with your essay.Studies have shown that interviews are actually a very positive experience for nursing school applicants, especially nontraditional students, or those who may not have the best grades.Those are the things that don’t show up on paper, but that nursing program administrators know make the real difference between students who stick with it and succeed, and students who give up.If you’re still in school, take it to a teacher or Writing Center to get pointers; if you’re not in school, there are services online that will help you tweak your entrance essays, and lots of guides to writing a good college admissions essay.Remember – they want to see that you are professional and dedicated, so avoid the touchy-feely, but they also want your experience and personality, so use specific, real examples from your life.You’ve already shown that you can handle upper-level work, you’ve got all of your general education out of the way, and you can bring insights from outside of nursing that enrich your experience and the program.Every nursing school has its own basic requirements for applying, and it’s absolutely essential that you make sure that you’re doing the right process for the right school.


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