Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays

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The answer is, the Uncertainty Principle, allows particles to travel faster than light, for a small distance.

This enables particles and radiation, to get out through the event horizon, and escape from the black hole.

However, the histories of the particles, in imaginary time, would continue.

They would pass into the baby universe, and would re- emerge as the particles emited by another black hole.

In real time, an astronaut who fell into a black hole, would come to a sticky end.

He would be torn apart, by the difference between the gravitational force on his head and his feet.

Thus, in a sense, the astronaut would be transported to another region of the universe.

However, the particles that emerged, would not look much like the astronaut.

Thus, it is possible for things to get out of a black hole.

However, what comes out of a black hole, will be different from what fell in. As a black hole gives off particles and radiation, it will lose mass.


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