Bowling For Columbine Essay Notes

In the case of a documentary, editing can be used to further push a thesis and prove a point which the filmmaker is trying to put across.The possibilities are endless; dialogues can be shortened, scenes can be added or cut, or even switched around to be in any order desired.They had good childhoods and weren’t bullied, though they were mentally disturbed and looked upon others as “lesser”.

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Eric is presented as a psychopath and the obvious alpha, while Dylan was depressed, possibly bipolar, and unsure if he wanted to go though with the attack.

Their families were both normal, yet their sons planned the attack for over a year right under their noses.

A lot of the research was taken from their diaries, as well as videos and interviews with their friends.

Contrary to mainstream belief, both Eric and Dylan didn’t have anything against people pf color, gays or any other distinct human trait.

It was not simply facts, instead Moore took a different approach to get the attention of the less informed.

Learning a lot throughout the film, it would be a great recommendation for anyone looking to learn about the gun accessibility and violence within America.Moore gives the story, but emphasizes the parts that promote his argument.A crosscut is a cut where the camera jumps from one scene to another and makes it seem like they are happening concurrently.Editing is the act of assembling components of a piece by cutting and splicing.As a filmmaker, and especially when making a documentary, the use of editing is very important in putting together ideas and arguments.Moore's first use of a crosscut to incriminate Heston is during the shooting and Denver NRA meeting scenes.At first, Moore has footage of the Columbine massacre; interviews with different people, actual footage from the school.Another interesting thing to note is that Moore makes it seem as if this quote comes from a rally at Denver, however, it was not given directly after Columbine, rather a year later in Charlotte, North Carolina; He was giving thanks for the fact that he was given a handmade musket by a member of the NRA (Fritz).Clearly, giving thanks for a handmade musket in no way relates to the massacre of Columbine.If we knew that this speech was given a year later there is no way we could logically connect it to the events...Documentaries are usually boring, just spitting facts at the viewers.


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