Bram Stoker Dracula Thesis

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In periods of cultural insecurity, when there are fears of regression and degeneration, the longing for strict border controls around the definition of gender, as well as race, class, and nationality, becomes especially intense. The title character in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is a sexually perplexing figure.

In his novel Dracula, Bram Stoker’s characters are deeply disturbed by the existence of the vampire.

The notion of a creature that is both living and dead challenges their sanity by forcing them to question those things which they had previously...

The fantastic [...] lasts only as long as a certain hesitation: a hesitation common to reader and character, who must decide whether or not what they perceive derives from "reality" as it exists in the common opinion. Bram Stoker's use of setting to establish some of the key gothic elements to the novel Dracula proves to be crucial in developing both suspense and intrigue.

This can be studied particularly closely with reference to Jonathan Harker's narrative of...

The issue of social class and its effects upon society in Victorian-era Europe is a theme central to Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.

On the surface, the novel seems to be a story of a battle between good and evil; upon further analysis, it could Bram Stoker set the scene atmospherically and build the feeling of fear steadily through a combination of themes which were feared in Victorian times.Gothic literature was a new and exciting concept for the...Men who overcome their handicaps and identify with God are potential supermen; as models of this...The era of industrialization ushered in new ways of disseminating and creating art.The Absence of Amsterdam: Confounding Principles of Presentness in Stoker’s Dracula Doctor Abraham Van Helsing is an intriguing and somewhat problematic character on several levels.According to critic Martin Willis the introduction of Van Helsing...In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the title character is omnipresent.To the protagonists of the novel, the difficulty of escaping his power and ultimately defeating him is often overwhelming because he is always with them in some way, shape, or form....Gothic architecture thrived during the high and late medieval period.The upper echelons of the feudal system were so impressed by the looming cathedrals that they had their castles built in the same Gothic style. , Bram Stoker largely presents good and evil in stark contrast in a very simple manner.


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