Break Even Analysis For Business Plan

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It can be expressed on per unit basis or for the total amount.

It can also be expressed as a percentage of net sales.

Break-even point is usually calculated in units, which gives the company the number of units it must produce in order to break-even.

It can be calculated by dividing contribution margin by total fixed costs: Break-even point (Units) = Fixed Costs/Contribution margin per unit In the previous example, the break-even point was calculated in terms of number of units.

It can be calculated as follow: Unit Contribution Margin = Sales Price – Variable Costs There are two distinct nature of costs that a business has to incur in its normal operational activities: These costs stay the same regardless of how many units the company is producing.

Break Even Analysis For Business Plan

These include start-up costs, and other capital expenses which do not have to be paid periodically.It provides companies with targets to cover costs and make a profit.It is a comprehensive guide to help set targets in terms of units or revenue.These costs usually include material, labor, direct sales and promotion, storage etc.Revenue is the money that a business actually receives from its customers for the provisions of goods and services during a particular period.Even after a business has been set-up, break-even analysis can be immensely helpful in the pricing and promotion process, along with cost control.Simply put, break-even point can be determined by calculating the point at which revenue received equals the total costs associated with the production of the goods or services.Break-even point can also be calculated in sales value (Dollars).This can be done by dividing company’s total fixed costs by contribution margin ratio.Launching a small business is a bit like an acrobat walking across a tightrope at the center ring of the circus.The acrobat must shift and balance their weight to safety make it across the narrow wire, much like an owner of a small business must balance costs vs profits to figure out if a break-even point will be reached each month.


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