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And there's a great joyful process of discovery in writing a book.

You have all this stuff and it's like nearly a book, and then there's this very hard piece where it's the journey from nearly a book to a book…. But actually no, because you've got to sell the thing.

And at the same time, somebody had told Roger [Taylor, Queen's drummer/singer]. But I think it was obvious that Adam had that kind of special, indefinable thing going for him, something unique, and almost scary. Some people could take him, and some people [couldn't]. A lot of people look at Adam and think, What the hell does he think he is? And in one of those rolls we found this portrait of Freddy [Mercury], which is on page—I can't remember. What came up for you while putting it all together?

Then we got a phone call from What was so captivating about Adam's singing and stage persona? And everybody deifies Freddy now, but if we'd been sitting here 40 years ago, people were all out to get him. Seeing these pictures—the essence of the 3-D picture is it's much more than a snap, it's almost like a tableau that you could walk into and see the things that you were seeing at the time—and all sorts of memories came out. You get to the hard part where you really have to shape the book, and I started scratching my head about which dates were which and what came in what order.

"I was thinking, Does it constitute some kind of history, or is it just snaps?

"The former is certainly the case in his new book, , which captures the thrilling history of his band with over 300 previously unseen stereoscopic photographs.

Mercury's vocals—sometimes operatic (Queen's mix of rock and opera is groundbreaking), other times roaring with rock fury—and his theatrical stage persona made him one of music's most beloved frontmen."He had a great vision for music of all kinds, but especially for harmonies, like you hear in 'Bohemian Rhapsody,'" May says.

And May's guitar work and songwriting often defined what was signature in Queen.

Queen's Brian May holds a baby fox rescued by the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Somerset in Midsomer Norton, England, on April 24, 2010.

The guitarist is a passionate campaigner for animal welfare.


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