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He wrote me a letter of encouragement, empathizing and sympathizing with my health and situation.He offered his help to relieve me of some of the burdens I was carrying -- whether that was to do the work himself or just to talk.

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At 5 in the morning, I knew that I did not have many options.

I then called a brother who was in the area, about a 30 minute drive from his home, and he picked up right away.

I had told no one about it and instructed the 2 other brothers not to mention anything either.

However, one of the brothers did mention something in passing to just 1 other brother from another state.

I started to tell him the situation, but he simply replied, "You do not need to explain yourself; just tell me what terminal you are in and I'll be there in 40 minutes." He did this favor expecting nothing in return; he simply did this because he is my brother, and we are always there for each other, no matter the expense." “BROTHERHOOD is experienced in the small things that require little effort yet so few people do.

The year was 2004 and it was a rough year for me personally but was compounded by the responsibilities that work brought.

Friends come and go, acquaintances come and go, but as I believe, Brothers are those who are there for you not only for your best times; they are also the first ones there for you during your worst times.

One time, as I was arriving from an airport, I found out that the person who was supposed to give me a ride back home could not make it last minute.

We have a saying: “On the outside, you can’t understand it.

On the inside, you can’t explain it.” Still, we figure we should at least try to explain what it means to be a brother of Beta Chi Theta.


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