Business Plan For Mortgage Loan Officer

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The New Year is right around the corner, implementing a Re-recruitment strategy to retain talent is paramount.

This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your team's previous year, provide direction and create a Business Plan to jump-start their year ahead.

Are they strong and how can they marry the plan up to these strengths?

Where are they weak and what is their plan for improving these weaknesses?

Go deeper and make the process something that will help them accomplish more. And you can invite your Real Estate Agents as well, as they also need to plan.

Afterwards, your Loan Officers can lead the agents in a planning exercise.If they don’t know where they are weak, then you have found their first weakness! If they meet their goals for the year, how is that going to help them in the long run? It could be one of many things–their health, stress levels, financial security, career or family goals.Often, we plan our goals, but we don’t plan for this achievement to take us closer to where we want to be. One of my favorite sayings is: If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? How many times have you seen plans go out the window because you or they just got too busy or went in a different direction.Historically, the fourth quarter is a time when Loan Officers, at all levels, start to look around at their career options.Their loan volume is usually down, and it is reflected in their pipelines'.Employee Retention Strategy - Re-recruiting your team Top Talent is in high demand!Whether your organization is experiencing new growth or even seeing a decrease in headcount, your most critical asset is still your existing team. The problem with that is there will be very little chance that the exercise will be accurate. For one, there will be changing conditions which cannot be predicted. For one thing, the goals will be missing many important aspects of the planning process. Then you can just add these up and come out with the branch, regional and/or company goals.That way they are moving from salesperson to mentor, which might be one of the goals of the plan.If you would like the registration information, just e-mail me at [email protected]


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