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The research question Team C proposed is “Is there a statistically significant relationship between customer satisfaction and Toyota sales in the U. ” Statistical Analysis The previous data in Part II concluded that in Toyota’s 2009 fiscal year, the company sold 2.21 million units.

Although the 2010 fiscal year is not yet complete, the company has sold 1,567,006 units as of the end of February 2010. The demand "I want" is the sum total of its minds' contents. to personality, the ego is the problem solving part of the personality, which operates according to the ...

In response to the survey, Toyota must: * Acknowledge that the customer’s concern is important * Acknowledge that the information is documented * A incident number is issued * Advise the customer that the complaint will be resolved * Remind customer of Toyota’s policies when appropriate * Offer alternate solutions to avoid future incident * Thank the customer for the concern Classification of Findings in Order of Power The classification of findings in order of power are listed with the survey in appendix A.

Toyota faces a massive blow to sales as well as reputation in their current recall effort, and recovery may take years, and may never be achieved at pre recall levels.

How could AAA have avoided the problems it experienced with Comstock? What are the potential implications of the type of contract AAA used? How could AAA have improved its approach to sourcing in this case? Lisa has treated the three original bidders without merit.

Discuss Case Study #2 Better Late Than Never Bid 1. In a book written by Treviño and Nelson (2004), three approaches were The consequences of her action may result to a more complex and harmful effect to others.

1.) Purpose clearly defined 2.) Research process adequately detailed 3.) Research design properly planned 4.) High ethical standards applied 5.) Limitations revealed throughout the process 6.) Analysis adequate for decision maker’s needs 7.) Findings presented unambiguously 8.) Conclusions justified 9.) Researcher’s experience reflected throughout the process The research question is the cornerstone of the scientific process.

Validate research questions support the resolution of the management dilemma. Retrieved from: // 2010-01-21-toyota-recall-gas-pedal_National Highway Traffic Safety Administration .

Team C’s Business Research Methods Part I analysis determined a problem within Toyota Motor Corporation’s recent recalls that posed a potential for decreased customer satisfaction, which has the additional potential for impacting sales.

Part II proposed a sample design and appropriate collection methods, a sample survey, a presentation, and classification of findings. customer satisfaction which is the same focus of the other competing banking institutions? the perception of the customers and potential customers are also divided according to ... Through the combination of survey and interview, the current ...


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