Can You Major In Journalism And Minor In Creative Writing

Can You Major In Journalism And Minor In Creative Writing-68
Under certain circumstances, it is possible for students who are majoring in one of the English tracks to complete an English minor in another area.Students wishing to minor in creative writing should contact the creative writing advisor and see the joint major and minor page.Majoring in English instructs you in critical modes of thinking that are beneficial in almost any future career path.

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All English majors will soon be required to take a course in literary theory.

By focusing on major theoretical schools of the twentieth century--such as structuralism, post-structuralism, feminism, Marxism, deconstruction, queer theory, psychoanalysis, and post-colonialism--an English major learns how to integrate an array of demanding analytic paradigms.

These acquired skills enhance your abilities to critique from a variety of perspectives a variety of texts, ranging from Old English elegies and Renaissance plays to Trinidadian memoirs and digital hypertexts.

Writing is of paramount importance to the English major.

As an English major, you may want to apply for one of our two foreign study programs, take creative writing as a concentration within the major, or write an honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty member.

Can You Major In Journalism And Minor In Creative Writing

You’ll also have many opportunities to participate in programs and discussions, including readings by nationally known poets, novelists, and critics that are scheduled at Sanborn House throughout the year.

(*Spring course numbers are in parentheses) Students undertaking an Independent Study (ENG 391) whose subject is Theatre or Dramatic Research, or enrolled in a standard Research Course (ENG 380) or Honors Thesis (ENG 398) with a Dramatic Literature/ Theatrical focus might also have those classes count towards a Minor in Theatre.

Study Abroad options in London and Bath (if allied to dramatic or theatrical work) might count towards a Minor.

Even if you know you want to study creative writing, try researching the opportunities available at different schools with an open mind. I once had a friend who loved writing but hated reading—especially if he had to analyze the text.

If you tend to agree with him, and would rather be submerged in a vat of ants than write a paper about Virginia Woolf's use of symbolism to comment on World War I in , this course of study isn't right for you.


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