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It dominates the skyline squarely amidst a small island in the Seine. In its attitude, the crowd that Sunday night was no different from the crowds we had encountered at the Louvre, the Champs Elysee, La Madeleine.We took seats for a few moments, relieving our aching feet and simply drank in the history, the past.Our first visit was in February 1998, and just after we returned to Washington D.

There’s been a church on the site now occupied by Notre Dame since at least the sixth century.

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised that the cathedral will be rebuilt.

We don’t yet know what form that reconstruction will take, but there are some things that are certain: It won’t replace what was lost, particularly those magnificent wooden roof structure affectionately known to historians as “the forest.” That was the largely anonymous work of generations past.

Every time I have visited Notre Dame and looked up at its facade, one thing has struck me: the amount of faith and civic pride needed for so many to work on a project that they’d never see completed in their lifetime.

They worked to eat, of course, but for many of the laborers on the site, their real reward was spiritual.


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