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American white pelicans are normally found in central Canada in places like Manitoba where they breed and then fly south to Texas for winter.

From fashion shoots to a first-time moose-hunt, a new website has given a group of Indigenous women photographers a place where they can share their work and stories amongst themselves and with a growing audience. C., Amanda Laliberte, who is Métis, Caroline Blechert, who is Inuvialuit and Claudine Bull, who is Cree.

Attended ARTWALK NY in November 2017 as the guest of the David Giffen, the event’s organizer.

https://ca/Your Morning/Video/Why-this-17-year-old-photographer-is-highlighting-Canadas-homeless—vid1288628 https://

And Buddy, a 28-year-old Appaloosa horse, had his eyes removed after going blind.

Zebulon the Finnsheep was rescued due to a cruelty investigation.Teresa, a 13-year-old Yorkshire pig who was saved from the slaughterhouse, as seen in Isa Leshko's book Allowed To Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries, published by the University of Chicago Press.(Isa Leshko)As part of the process of photographing the animals, Leshko spent a great deal of time simply lying on the ground next to her subjects, getting herself comfortable being around them, and them with her.Sometimes I get to photograph interesting people and places. I loved the textures and grittiness of the machinery at Ocean Concrete.These are facilities I was hired to cover for the Teamsters. The raw power, rumble and roar of the heavy equipment and the choreography between man and machine reverberates in your gut and leaves you gawking stupidly.Other animals such as squirrels and even ruby-throated hummingbirds will feed on the sap and insects when the woodpecker isn't around.(Brendan Kelly) Tree swallows are aerial insectivores — meaning they almost exclusively eat flying insects. delaying their first cut of hay this year, bobolinks were able to successfully nest and raise young!This keeps the birds toasty warm even in the frigid North Atlantic waters in January. (Brendan Kelly) Shortly after a storm last fall, a strange white bird was reported from the western portion of the island. You can find more of Brendan's work on Facebook at Brendan Kelly Photography or on Instagram at @__brendankelly__.Turns out this strange bird was actually a very large white pelican. Artist and photographer Isa Leshko’s book Allowed to Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals on Farm Sanctuaries captures the enduring spirit of farm animals who have been given a rare change to age, and die, with dignity."I was seeing Gandalf with this blank stare, and it took me right to that moment of being at my mom's bedside, and her final days when she was catatonic and had that blind expression on her face," the photographer, artist and writer told The artist began the project as a way to come to grips with her fear of aging.But what she discovered was the incredible spirit of farm animals who have been given the rare opportunity to age with dignity.


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