Censorship Wrong Research Paper

First, it analyzes the aesthetics and sociopolitical significance of Li's new characters...more This paper examines the emerging phenomenon of creating new Chinese characters on the internet with a case study of the artist Li Xiaoguai's work.

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“Our view, consistent with the First Amendment,” said Carr, “is that getting more information out there is always the best and better course.” This is a different approach from other countries, where citizens’ access to content is in some cases regulated by government.

Some countries suppress graphic content, speech the government determines is hateful and other content deemed offensive.

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In North Korea, most people are denied access to the global internet altogether.

“It’s very difficult to make subjective judgments about the content of speech,” said Carr. and many other countries, he points out, spam refers to unwanted commercial email.

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I remember a literal chilling feeling.” Carr thinks protecting political dissent on the internet is ultimately to the benefit of government.

“We have to leave ample room for opposing viewpoints on the internet,” he said.


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