Characterization Essay Prompt

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For example, if the character’s Problem involves falling in love, then issues of commitment and self-worth will often be part of her Problem.

So you’ll want to explore past moments of pride and success as well as shame and rejection to flesh out how she’s come to feel the way she does about herself, and how she behaves toward people she’s attracted to.

Ultimately I discovered the truth to what many writers had told me (but I hadn’t quite believed)—that once the writing started, the characters took on “lives of their own,” taking me in directions I hadn’t anticipated.

Now that’s all well and good as long as the characters take you somewhere interesting.

Her Insight will require understanding how these past incidents have shaped and limited her.

Her Decision will involve a determination to somehow overcome them. This guide brings together smart, creative character-crafting advice from an array of the best writing instructors around, with sections devoted to protagonists, antagonists, supporting players, POV, dialogue, conflict and more.

It often matters little how we feel or what we think—thoughts and feelings can be changed, replaced by other thoughts and feelings.

Our actions, on the other hand, occur in the world, and cannot be taken back.

There’s no need to craft these backstory/ biographical scenes into final form.

Mere sketches will do, enough to give you a vivid impression of the character.


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