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Once you have your shop I recommend offering flavorful classics along with a few far out options.For example, milk and dark chocolate truffles are good reliable classics, but also offer some real creative experience to introduce a sense of discovery and intrigue.My main job these days is in chocolate recipe development, technical chocolate expertise and strategic chocolate business direction development, phew.

Today I'm the founder of Santa Barbara Chocolate and a partner in a few chocolate companies including retail chocolate outlets and artisan truffle makers.

I'm Jason Vishnefske and if you search this chocolate website you'll probably see me popping up all over the place.

From my experience in chocolate making, if you offer quality white chocolate, you'll have an intense and loyal niche audience.

I think the fun experience you offer will build a loyal base of people that will help build your business and allow it to flourish.

But here are just a few additional thoughts you can add to your bag of tricks in founding your own successful chocolate business.

These are some of the secrets we have used in building our businesses and these are things we have seen work with our customers.You don't need your entire work space available for people to see but it is nice if you can have an area where you can dip chocolates or hand roll chocolate truffles and your customers can watch.This type of shop experience helps you build a closer relationship with your customers and it creates a memorable experience.Being their partner over the long term has been an incredibly rewarding and fun experience for us here at Santa Barbara Chocolate Company.Many of these first time novice chocolate makers have succeeded in building their own shops specializing in the best of all things chocolate.Once you have chosen your shop location build it out so your customers can see what YOU do.Chocolate lovers will like to see your trade and what you do.Some exotic flavored chocolates that our customers have always loved are: black pepper with paprika dark chocolate ganache, goat cheese with mission fig in milk chocolate, and one of my favorite mad scientist creations - star anise marzipan cardamom dark chocolate ganache, hand dipped in milk chocolate.Maybe once a week include experimenting and offer creations you feel like is out of the ordinary.Who doesn't remember the fun experience of going into a beautifully decorated chocolate maker's shop and picking out the hand made chocolates one at a time?It is all about offering your customers an experience that they will share with others.


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