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The median age of a home in New York is 17.2% older than the median age of a home in Los Angeles.“Homes are 5.3% less likely to be rented in Los Angeles than in New York” (, 2017).In contrast, Los Angeles has winters that are extremely mild and summers that are leisurely and warm.

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Very large and populous, the cities are found in different states, New York City being in New York while Los Angeles being in California.

They both attract thousands of visitors in spite of being hugely crowded and costly to live in.

While the cities have some similarities and may be attractive to various people depending on their lifestyles and preferences, New York City and Los Angeles are vastly different, especially in their climate, housing, population, and transportation.

New York City’s (NY) Climate significantly differs with that of Los Angeles (LA).

Noteworthy however, people who are conditioned to warm weather would still find the New York environment hospitable despite the snowfall. The rainy season occurs between November and January.

The housing characteristics are also different between New York City and Los Angeles.It obviously follows that NY has a higher population density than LA.Compared to LA’s 8,475, NY has a population density of 28,259.In spite of this disparity in the cost of purchasing a home, the number of homes owned in NY is lower than the number of homes owned in LA.In NY, homes owned amount to 29.02% of total number of homes whereas in LA, 34.60% of the total number of homes are owned.Halle & Beveridge (2013) note that in New York, the winter is glistening and frosty.As such, the atmosphere is classic in the Yuletide season thus making it possible to engage in such activities as snow man assembling and ice skating.Compare and contrast essays means you have to examine the similarities and differences between two or more things.In this example, I have decided to compare and contrast two cities, New York and Los Angeles, in terms of climate, housing, population and transportation. New York City and Los Angeles are two big cities found within the United States of America.In both the cities, the female population is higher than the male population.While NY has a female population of 52.40% and male population of 47.60%, LA has a female population of 50.39% and male population of 49.61% (


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