Classics Critical Critical Essay Essay Investigation Philosophical Wittgensteins

Classics Critical Critical Essay Essay Investigation Philosophical Wittgensteins-57
is an anthology of twenty pieces by eighteen authors.Although the title may suggest otherwise, the approach taken is predominantly — though not exclusively — academic philosophical.And the title also points toward the literary side of Wittgenstein’s own writing, an aspect of his work that is almost inevitably referred to as its ‘style’.” There is patently a connection; yet “despite various writings on the cultural context of his work, not much has been said that would help us connect the culture that Wittgenstein possessed — and was possessed by — and the forms in which he wrote. I think it is hardly an exaggeration to say there is a hole at the heart of Wittgenstein scholarship, and not just scholarship.

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Classics Critical Critical Essay Essay Investigation Philosophical Wittgensteins

What happened at the same place a hundred years ago was a new direction for philosophy – not just one historic philosophical turn, but two.

The artists Johannes Flintoe and William Maximilian Carpelan left the mountain from Christiania separately in the summer of 1819.

They exhibited their pictures the following year at Tegneskolen and aroused attention: this art, these images of Norwegian nature and people came to play a key role in art history and culminated in the national romanticism flowering around 1850.

It’s the quiet and, perhaps, the wonderful landscapes; I mean, its quiet seriousness.” For 60 years, there was only the empty foundation of Wittgenstein’s house on a steep mountain side, called “Austria” (Østerrike) by the locals.

In 1919 Wittgenstein gave the house as a gift to a friend in Skjolden, but continued to live there himself when visiting Norway. Quite different people created the basis for national romance and for new philosophy.


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