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And if you’re applying to more than 10 schools, well, the math isn’t pretty.(But maybe we’re just biased against math.)The good news is that supplemental essays present a uniquely targeted opportunity for you to show admissions why you and your target school are a perfect fit.- I can see myself supporting the multicultural environment within Wooster fully throughout my years there.

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Or, stepping back, what do you think are some of the most important parts of your personality that you have not yet had the opportunity to display? Chances are a community (or, more likely, many communities) have helped shape you into who you are today, so don’t limit yourself to traditional definitions.

Ultimately, your goal, as with the activity essay, is to share something about your social habits.

Ultimately, this essay should help an admissions officer understand the relationship you will have with their school, whether as an improv savant or student government rockstar.

This is your opportunity to connect your own interests to the offerings on campus and demonstrate that you belong at whatever school you may be applying to.“Duke University seeks a talented, engaged student body that embodies the wide range of human experience; we believe that the diversity of our students makes our community stronger.

Don’t be fooled into thinking though that a great essay will overcome the need for high scores and grades – you have to be in RANGE of the school first before your essays really count.

For 15 years we’ve helped our students identify their academic interests and demonstrate their love of learning.In fact, part of my criteria for choosing colleges was if the college of interest had a good level of diversity in terms of students, clubs and embraced various cultures, then I would consider it for application.I find it an expectation rather than an extra to be exposed to multicultural environments because my high school and my family are rich in diversity.Demonstrate not just who you are, but who you might be on Erin Gaines (Kansas City, KS, USA) In what way do you see yourself supporting the multicultural environment at the College of Wooster?And to make things easier, we made you a guide that will help you decode two of the most common types of supplemental essay questions and mine for the most creative responses. ” question, the activity essay may be the most common supplemental gremlin out there.In its typical form, this question will ask you to write an expanded description of one activity for your list. Don’t you think Harvard already knows how soccer works or what the yearbook is?Common Application version is live for the 2016/2017 application season, applying to colleges is not the streamlined process creators of the Common App promised students.Applying to college has become almost as complicated as filling out your tax return though at least for your tax return there are accountants and software to help.So, the key to answering this question is not necessarily to pick your most impressive-sounding or longest-running activity.Instead, pick an activity that you really enjoy and see yourself continuing in college.


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