Compromises Of The Constitutional Convention Essay

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Report broken link The United States Constitution Online is a megasite which pulls together resources from throughout cyberspace.

Lists of the Presidents and the States, as well as commentary on selected topics within the Constitution can be found here.

The Constitution created a national legislature that could pass the supreme law of the land, could raise taxes, and with greater control over commerce.

The proposed rules also would restrict state actions, especially in regard to passing .

Other major issues still needed to be resolved, however, and, once again, compromise was required on all sides.

One of the major issues concerned elections themselves. The different state constitutions had created different rules about how much property was required for white men to vote.Delegates from free states wouldn't allow such a blatant manipulation of political principles, but the inhumane compromise that resulted meant counting enslaved persons as three-fifths of a free person for the sake of calculating the number of people a state could elect to the House of Representatives.After hot summer months of difficult debate in Philadelphia from May to September 1787, the delegates had fashioned new rules for a stronger central government that extended national power well beyond the scope of the Articles of Confederation.The delegates needed to figure out a solution that could satisfy people with many different ideas about who could have the franchise (that is, who could be a voter).For the popular lower house, any white man who paid taxes could vote.Some delegates considered slavery an evil institution and of Virginia even suggested that the trans-Atlantic slave trade be made illegal by the new national rules.Delegates from South Carolina and Georgia where slavery was expanding rapidly in the late-18th century angrily opposed this limitation." remained the core issue for the Philadelphia Convention.What was the best way for authority to be delegated from the people and the states to a strengthened central government?If any limitations to slavery were proposed in the national framework, then they would leave the convention and oppose its proposed new plan for a stronger central government.Their fierce opposition allowed no room for compromise and as a result the issue of slavery was treated as a narrowly political, rather than a moral, question.


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