Corporate Finance Dissertations

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BOURVEAU Thomas, Supervisor: Professor Vedran Capkun, Assistant Professor, University of Columbia - Columbia Business School (USA) CUENCA-BOTEY Luis-Emilio, Supervisor: Professor Eve Chiapello , Viceministro Encargado de Economía Social Solidaria, Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social (Costa Rica) GARNIER Claire, Supervisor: Professor Carlos Ramirez, Assistant Professor, HEC Montréal (Canada) GRALL Bénédicte, Supervisor: Professor Eve Chiapello, Maître de conférences, CNAM - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (France) GIBASSIER Delphine, Supervisor(s): Professor Hélène Löning Associate Professor, Audencia Business School (France) JEROME Tiphaine, Supervisor(s): Professor Hervé Stolowy, /Thomas Jeanjean, Assistant Professor Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland) STEMPAK-LALLEMAND Nathalie, Supervisor(s): Professor Eve Chiapello, Maître de conférences, IAE Paris, Institut d'administration des entreprises de Paris (France) LACLAU Marie, Supervisor(s): Professor Tristan Tomala, Associate Member, CNRS - Paris School of Economics (France) LAHIDJI Reza, Supervisor(s): Professor Pierre Mangin, Partner, Menon Economics (Norway) CATHERINE Sylvain, Supervisor(s): Professor Denis Gromb and Professor David Thesmar, Assistant Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (USA) SLABIK Victoria, Supervisor(s): Professor François Derrien, Consultant, E.

Yong, Assistant Professor, Ieseg School of Management (France) LEE Jung Won, Supervisor(s): Professor Mathis Schulte, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Kentucky, Gatton School School of Business (USA) YANG Jiachen, Supervisor(s): Professor Michel Lander, Assistant Professor, NEOMA Business School (France) NAVAZHYLAVA Kseniya, Supervisor(s): Professor Françoise Chevalier and Professor Joëlle Evans, Assistant Professor, Ecole de Management Leonard de Vinci - EMLV (France).

Allouche, Assistant Professor, NEOMA Business School (France) FUMAGALLI Elena, Supervisor(s): Professor L.

How The Cost Of Capital Affects District Resources And Student Achievement, James Cameron Anglum PDF Attention Strategies For Nonprofit Advocacy On Social Media: Results From A National Study Of Homelessness Nonprofits In The United States, Seongho An PDF Medical Device Interoperability With Provable Safety Properties, David Eric Arney PDF The Emerging Involvement Of Glia In Sleep: Insights From Drosophila Melanogaster, Gregory Artiushin PDF Assessing Credibility In Subjective Probability Judgment, Joshua Daniel Baker PDF The Role Of P120catenin In The Initiation And Dissemination Of Pancreatic Cancer, Basil Bakir PDF Freedom, Society, And The Individual In Early Modern Women's Thought, Patrick Leon Ward Ball PDF Deformations Of G2-Structures, String Dualities And Flat Higgs Bundles, Rodrigo De Menezes Barbosa PDF Development Of Kinetic Inductance Detectors For Far-Infrared Spectroscopy In Astrophysics, Alyssa Colleen Marie Barlis PDF The Narrative Of The Iliad: Time, Space, And Story, William Robert Beck PDF Essays In Marketing, Law, And Ethics, Suneal Bedi PDF Embodied Visual Perception Models For Human Behavior Understanding, Gediminas Bertasius PDF The Mitochondrial Protein Card19 Regulates Membrane Integrity And Terminal Lysis Downstream Of Caspase Activation And Gasdermin Cleavage, Elisabet Laura Bjanes PDF Cortical And Subcortical Mechanisms For Sound Processing, Jennifer Blackwell PDF Getting The Best Of Us: Multinational Corporate Networks And The Diffusion Of Skill-Selective Immigration Policies, Vivienne Born PDF A Multilevel Factor Analytic Investigation Of The Learning-To-Learn Scales: A More Child-Centered Look At Dimensionality, Benjamin Pratt Brumley PDF Expanding Peptide Stapling With S-Tetrazine, Matthew Henry Bunner PDF Materializing Political Violence: Segregation, War, And Memory In Quintana Roo, Mexico, Tiffany Cherelle Cain PDF Representations Of Samaritans In Late Antique Jewish And Christian Texts, Matthew J.

Chalmers PDF Essays In Heterogeneity In Macroeconomics, Minsu Chang PDF Birds With Words: How Talking Parrots Expand Our Knowledge Of Cognition, Shereen Chang PDF Stress And Survival Of Enterobacteriaceae: Studies Of Dehydration Tolerance And Polymyxin Resistance, Annie Chen PDF Affiliation With Aggressive Peer Groups, Autonomy, And Adjustment In Chinese Adolescents, Lingjun Chen PDF Cardiac Effects Of Huntington’s Disease In Murine Models, Daniel David Child PDF Paraphrase-Based Models Of Lexical Semantics, Anne O'donnell Cocos PDF School District Consolidation And Its Academic And Financial Effects, Gregory Collins PDF Experimentation In Early-Stage Ventures, Andrea Contigiani PDF Sinister Intersectionality: A Left-Handed History Of Neuro-Centrisms, 1865–2017, Tabea Cornel PDF Daedala Tecta: Architectural Terracottas And Cultural Memory In Republican Italy, Sophie Crawford-Brown PDF Essays In Housing Markets And Public Finance, Matthew Davis PDF Nucleobase, Nucleoside, And Neighboring Nucleotides: Intrinsic Preferences For Tet Enzyme-Mediated Oxidation Of 5-Methylcytosine, Jamie Elizabeth Denizio PDF Reliable Witnesses, Crackpot Science: Ufo Investigations In Cold War America, 1947-1977, Kate Dorsch PDF A Sticky Pursuit Of The Threshold Channel: The Effect Of Cohesion On Alluvial River Channel Geometry, Kieran Bernard Jiamin Dunne PDF Comunidades De Cuidados: Dar La Vida, Curar El Cuerpo Y Preparar La Muerte En La América E Iberia Premodernas (1400-1650), Diana Eguia Armenteros PDF Great Idea, Now What?PDF The Human Lung Viral Microbiome In Health And Disease, Arwa Abbas PDF The Development Of Unnatural Amino Acid-Based Probes And Methods For Biological Studies, Ismail Abd Al Azim Ahmed PDF The Effect Of Abstinence From Smoking On Stress Reactivity, Cheyenne Allenby PDF Essays In Immigration Economics And Education, Gloria Allione PDF The Biophysics Of Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency, Nicholas Roy Anderson PDF Post-Transcriptional Regulation Of The Eulkaryotic Transcriptome By The Covalent Rna Modicication N6-Methyladenosine, Stephen J.Anderson PDF Collaborative Careers: Exploring The Consequences Of Colleague Mobility For Knowledge Workers, Tracy Anderson PDF Credit Constrained?These finance dissertation topics are here to help inspire you in creating your own finance and dissertation title.Our sample accounting and finance dissertation topics will prove helpful in formulating your own dissertation topic, objectives, literature review, methodology and analyses.O'Connor Link Volatility, spread revision, volume, and the nature of information, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu Link Marketing on the World Wide Web: An empirical investigation of the relationship between strategy and the performance of corporate web sites, Patrice Auger Link Investigating the quote decision behavior of the specialist and spread components between the options and underlying securities, Min-Hsien Chiang Link The experience of voluntarily leaving an established career, Melinda Louise Costello Link Methods of structuring word processing jobs and the effects on clerical workers, Pamela Lane Cox Link Network externalities and vertical integration: The case of the World Wide Web software market, John Martin Gallaugher Link The initiation of information systems innovation by users: A learning perspective, Satish Vasudevan Link Budget, performance evaluation, and cost allocation as resource allocation mechanisms in colleges and universities: A descriptive and positive research study, Osama F.Al-Heizan Link The effect of price on a product's perceived quality: The case of shopping goods, Abdul-Razzak Bader Alsamdan Link External integration of information in the development of selected core high technologies: A comparison in the United States and Japan, Paula Elaine Bobrowski Link A qualitative study of the meaning of work and workplace experiences among Native Americans in upstate New York, Gary L.Goodman PDF Molecular Roles Of Regulatory Proteins In N-Terminal Protein Acetylation, Leah Gottlieb PDF Roles Of Euchromatin And Heterochromatin In Hepatocyte Maturation And Liver Fibrosis, Jessica Mae Grindheim PDF Event Structure In Vision And Language, Alon Hafri PDF Assembling States: Community Formation And The Emergence Of The Inca Empire, Thomas John Hardy PDF Essays In Causal Inference: Addressing Bias In Observational And Randomized Studies Through Analysis And Design, Raiden Berte Hasegawa PDF Robert Adam's Revolution In Architecture, Miranda Jane Routh Hausberg PDF Understanding Donor-Advised Funds: The Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, And Public Policies Relating To An Emerging Trend In Philanthropy, H.Irvine PDF Depression In Mothers Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Mixed-Methods Study Of Prevalence, Correlates, And The Lived Experience, Stefanie Zavodny Jackson PDF Evidence Factors For Observational Studies: Design, Analysis And Computation, Bikram Karmakar PDF Modeling And Control For Robotic Assistants: Single And Multi-Robot Manipulation, Monroe David Kennedy PDF Private Communication Among Competitors And Public Disclosure, John David Kepler PDF Soweto, The “storybook Place”: Tourism And Feeling In A South African Township, Sarah Marie Kgagudi PDF The Regulation Of Egfr Signaling And Kras Tumorigenesis By Receptor Palmitoylation, Akriti Kharbanda PDF Reasoning-Driven Question-Answering For Natural Language Understanding, Daniel Khashabi PDF Testing Infection Graphs, Justin Turner Khim PDF Seeking Ourselves Onscreen: Brand Personality, Self-Congruence, And Media Preferences, Da Eun Kim PDF Essays In Corporate Finance, Daniel Kim PDF A Novel Perspective On The Role Of Β-Catenin In Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Eunsun Kim PDF Engendering Power: Dynastic Women And Visual Culture In The Hellenistic World (fourth-First Centuries Bce), Patricia Eunji Kim PDF "the Laboratory Of The Mind's Eye": Nineteenth-Century Science And The Emergence Of Science Fiction, Anastasia Klimchynskaya PDF Essays On Macroeconomics And Finance, Alexandr Kopytov PDF Developmental And Signaling Mechanisms Of Touch Neurons, Kim Kridsada Chu PDF Ricci Flow On Cohomogeneity One Manifolds, Anusha Mangala Krishnan PDF Youth Bilingualism, Identity And Quechua Language Planning And Policy In The Urban Peruvian Andes, Frances Julia Kvietok Dueñas PDF The Affiliative Social Relations Of Free-Ranging Rhesus Macaques In The Context Of Instability, Sam Larson PDF Hepatocyte-Driven Regulation Of Liver Metastasis, Jae Won Lee PDF Longitudinal And Cross-Country Measurement Invariance Of The Pisa Home Possessions Scale, Selene S.Atalay, Lecturer in Marketing, Macquarie University, Australia BOULONGNE Romain, Supervisor(s): Professor Rodolphe Durand Assistant Professor , University of Navarra - IESE Business School (Spain) PLAKSENKOVA Elena, Supervisor(s): Professor Olivier Chatain Assistant Professor , Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business (USA) GUO Bai, Supervisor(s): Professor Bertrand Moingeon, Lecturer, China Europe International Business School, CEIBS (China).This collection contains open access dissertations of the University of Pennsylvania.


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