Corporate Social Responsibility Dissertation

Corporate social responsibility is of great importance for understanding consumer perception in the current business world.Though extensive research has been done in this area of business, there is lack of availability of study on corporate social responsibility and consumer perception in developing countries, especially in Turkey.

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From the findings of the survey, it can be analysed that, Turkish consumers are aware of corporate social responsibility of the companies.

Many of them have clear understanding of the concept of CSR and the activities required of the firms to confirm CSR.

The findings have also suggested various kinds of CSR initiatives including economic growth, social development project, ethical obligations, and philanthropic activities.

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Moreover, a positive relationship has been established between the perception of consumers and the CSR initiatives ofthe companies.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. In such a situation companies are struggling to meet their responsibilities with shrinking pockets.In such a dynamic environment it is tricky to make a dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility.Firms are now bound to perform various social activities.Even, consumers now believe that, they have to change their habit of purchase and consumption based on the social responsibility of the companies.The above mentioned topics are more generalized but can be modified depending on the available resources and time span.Edit 1: As is the case with any research, topics evolve with time.In this circumstance, this dissertation aims to find out the impact of CSR activities on the perception of consumers in Turkey.For this reason, the author of the dissertation has conducted an online survey of a set of 27 questionnaires with three demographic questions about the gender, age, and educational level of the respondents. A total of 49 online users have attended the survey.


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