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He specifically ran for office only under the condition that he would not be required to give in to any party pressure.Because of his gift of intellect, which was much admired, Adams enjoyed a long, but interrupted political career.So, Adams helped the Republicans write a resolution that pledged their support to the president in whatever steps he would take to confront the British navy.

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The essay contest is part of a curriculum about courage that is being developed by our Cambodian teacher.

We are especially grateful for this program because these essays help us to see more clearly into the lives of our students.

We include the winning essays below so that you may get to know our students too.

Kennedy ends his Pulitzer Prize-winning book Profiles in Courage with his definition of courage. He can’t quite put his finger on a specific definition, but he does know what courage requires, what it may cost an individual, and finally what courage means to democracy. the kind of government we get depends upon how we fulfill those responsibilities.’’ Toward this end, toward the task of inspiring courage, Kennedy retells portions of the lives of men he admired.

It enables one to exist meaningfully in the society and have the ability to bring change in the society and self.

Physical courage entails the use of one’s body to show sympathy and cultivate empathy.The Federalist party, on the whole, believed in appeasing the British, no matter how aggressive their actions were against the Americans.The Republicans, on the other hand, believed it was time to fight back.Courage, he insists, is not just one emotion among others, but the foundation on which all other virtues and values rest.Courage is a fundamental emotion that every human being must possess.When the embargo was put in place, the pressure on Massachusetts was so great that the people of New England began talking of secession from the union.In retaliation for Adams having put New England in such dire straits, the Federalist Party convened nine months prior to the expiration of Adam’s Senate term and elected his successor.In the society, there are many changes occurring and one can choose to both panic and fear to confront the change or choose to draw upon inner self and move forward.Rollo May says that one must have courage in order to live a meaningful life in the society.At this maneuver, Adams felt he had nothing left to do but resign.Although he would be later elected president and even later than that returned to Washington with a seat in the House of Representatives, Adams never again associated himself with any political party.


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