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Often in class there are a few students to whom this comes naturally; the majority pipe up with the phrase, ‘‘how do I start?’’ whilst some just look scared at the prospect and begin planning their escape.

Often in class there are a few students to whom this comes naturally; the majority pipe up with the phrase, ‘‘how do I start?

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The reading sources act as stimulus for writing tasks, providing students with a clear route through each paper.

Each paper has a distinct identity to better support high quality provision and engaging teaching and learning.

Reading: Continue to refine the content after receiving feedback from staff and students. If the student is ready , they can present to the group or staff member it more appropriate.

Writing: Make alterations Sp & L: Record your presentation Reading: Read your presentation as you listen to it being played back. Reading: Check through all previous tasks and make sure they are complete and that you have understood the content.

Here I refer to an article written by my colleague Caroline Saunders in issue 4.4 of Teach Secondary (Beyond the lines); just as she was encouraging art students to draw without using lines, we should encourage English students to do the same when developing ideas for story writing, in other words colouring their narrative from the inside out.

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At the start of the lesson have a series of images displayed on the board and printed out in colour for students to look at.

Pick the idea that excites you the most, and you’ll find that its momentum will conjure up a whole new story world, replete with fascinating new characters! And if that’s not enough, generate your own with the Idea Engine, or peruse these lists of scene ideas, flash fiction prompts, and writing prompts.

Sometimes it’s very hard in English lessons to encourage students to be creative, especially when it comes to writing.

Writing: Proofreading Sp & L: Introduction to the speaking and listening task including: Content Assessment General criteria Reading: Research current affairs issues and identify one which means something to you Writing: Make a list of topics of interest Sp & L Share topics with the group Reading: Research two of the list of topics Writing: Make mind maps/ bullet points/lists, of the two chosen topics Sp & L: Discuss progress with teachers/support assistants.

Reading: Choose one of the topics and research in more depth Writing: Start to create a first draft of the presentation Sp & L: share progress with the group Reading: Read over the presentation and evaluate and edit Writing: Amend if necessary Sp & L: Read the introduction to a member of staff and if confident the group.


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