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I have written a great many stories for children and they have been broadcast on RTE 1 here in Ireland, as well as published in various magazines.

I feel I can share some of what I have learned with you.

I believe that most children want to write before they want to read.

That was certainly the case with both of my children - they would scribble write from an early age and ask me to read it for them :)There is something magical about putting pen to paper and making your words appear.

It would also be fun to place the pictures of people in a geographic location and ask the children to write about what they are doing there.

A variation on this theme would be to go out to a park or cafe and do some people watching.I found your website, and finally I have the confidence to take the plunge and take my daughter out of school and educate her at home, thank you, thank you. I'm so thrilled to get started and even more excited to continue to explore all of the fabulous suggestions and creative ideas you have offered here!!! I write for both children and adults, but I must admit there’s something special about the way you can let your imagination fly when you are writing for children.Get them to write more about the characters of the article. Cut out some headlines and stick them at the top of blank (or lined) sheets of paper.Keep an eye out for really funny headlines that you think the kids will like.Motivation is really important and before you begin I suggest you read this article about When I was using the stream of consciousness method I certainly didn’t give too much too much conscious thought to planning, making dramatic decisions, or choosing a theme.These are important but at the beginning, it is best to just practice your writing and build a good writing routine.I have put together this list of creative writing activities for kids in the hope it will help your teaching!Homeschooling is wonderfully flexible - and there are some great ways of encouraging your children to write.Ask the children to write a story to go with the headline.And don’t forget that all good newspapers need pictures too!


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