Critical Thinking Course Syllabus

Consider visiting the Writing Center to discuss your assignments for this course or any others.

You may schedule appointments (30 or 50 minutes) on an as–needed or weekly basis, scheduling up to 3 hours worth of appointments per week.

In making such assessments your instructor will strive to be clear, flexible, forthright and empathetic.

Critical Thinking is designed as a Pass/Fail course.

In certain SCPS courses in the Lifelong Learning Area of the BA curriculum, instructors regularly use the pass/fail grading system.

However, SCPS also offers students the opportunity in several of these courses to select a "Grading" option where grades A through C- represent passing performance.

In order to receive full credit for a given week’s Discussion, you must a) Make an initial post by the deadline listed in the Course Calendar; 2) Make at least one follow-up post later in the week in which you interact with at least one classmate; and 3) Make sure that at least one of your posts is substantive: that is to say, it must offer a considered opinion, a thought–provoking speculation and/or new information.

A substantive contribution does more than simply indicate "I agree" or "Me too".

The pass/fail policy and procedure of the university found in the student handbook should be followed where a student wishes to seek this option for a graded course.

Writing assignments are expected to conform to basic college-level standards of mechanics and presentation.


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