Critical Thinking Interview Questions And Answers

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This question helps a ton with evaluating a candidate’s critical thinking skills.I’m looking to see how they react when put on the spot. Some will start with research or do a crawl; others will start by understanding the business goals; others will pull out their checklist.

I’ll only ask this question when hiring for any entry-level positions or if the candidate has less than a couple of years experience. There are two reasons for this question: I want somebody with a passion for search and marketing and technology. You don’t need to have a blog or a side hustle or a personal website or speak at conferences. This is my second favorite question to ask and one I usually reserve for near the end.

It’s a modified version of a great Peter Thiel (who I’m not personally a big fan of) interview question.

In fact, that’s how I feel about all those crazy Google-style interview questions like “how would you weigh a Boeing 737?

”Sure, you could build an amazing water displacement device and tow the plane onto it or sum up all the individual parts – but I’d rather hire the engineer who calls Boeing for the answer instead of wasting all that time.

Preparing for an interview is not easy–there is significant uncertainty regarding the data science interview questions you will be asked.

No matter how much work experience or what data science certificate you have, an interviewer can throw you off with a set of questions that you didn’t expect.

At a recent conference, I was talking with some other SEO professionals about hiring for some open positions on my team when the conversation turned from “do you know anybody looking? I’m not that interviewer (I’m just that guy at the bar).

tting and marketing speak and selling – so there’s no doubt we can all apply those skills to selling ourselves. Too many SEO interviews are passed simply by letting the interviewer talk about himself the whole time.

You would be shocked at how many people can’t answer this question. Most people list what they were tasked with doing or assigned to do, but they don’t tell you what they actually did in that role.

This is the candidate’s chance to brag – to tell me about their results: I will ask a few followup questions about whatever the candidate lists, but it’s basically just a conversation about the work to make sure he or she was actually involved in doing it and find out what part the person played. If you tell me “I need a job” or “it pays well” you aren’t getting the job or paid well.


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