Deborah Tannen Argument Culture Essay

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She feels that some are paying attention while some maybe intimidated to voice their opinion.Because nobody tries to synthesize the various views, because that would be seen as weak, some children are not able to get their point across.According to her, the best way to demonstrate intellectual prowess is to criticize, find fault, and attack.

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This is an instance that has probably happened to a large majority of us.

I agree with the author that agonism is a problem because my experience in school confirms it.

I have also been in predicaments such as these during my high school years, and it was definitely disheartening.

The way we live and how we think provides a large part is how Tannens argument unfolds.

She attended a reading group and was eager to discuss the latest book that they had read.

Because majority of the group agreed on a different point of view, they formed an alliance and shut down their ability to see the other side of the story.

Tannen believes that, [We] ignore facts that support others views, citing evidence that supports our own positions.

Education does not always happen in a classroom setting per se.

Just because a discussion is going on doesnt mean that education is happening.

In the essay, Tannen writes about Patricia Rosof, a high school teacher in New York City.


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