Disabled By Wilfred Owen Essay

Disabled By Wilfred Owen Essay-12
He didn’t have to beg; they wrote his lie”, this shows that army officials do not mind as they need men with that state of mind.

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This reveals that the man did not consider all the consequences of his actions. “He’s lost his colour very far from here”, this metaphor can show that the man lost his happiness or in the literal sense the colour red due to all of the blood-shed, all wasted where bombs exploded during war, with this Owen creates a sense of blood imagery.

Half of his life disappeared as a consequence of war; it was a waste of a life physically and mentally.

Owen emphasises this stanza by making it different from all the others, he does this by making the stanza bigger by using more lines and focusing on the happy part of the man’s life.

He does this to show the background and explain life before enlisting.

Owen glorifies football and then compares it to war.

This is ironic because they are completely different. When “a blood-smear down leg” it makes them feel like a man compared to war where the physical contact leads to disablement and death.This leaves the reader feeling sympathy for him as it makes him sound lonely and hopeless.“ he threw away his knees”, “girls glanced lovelier as the air grew dim”.The man saw the soldiers of Austria and Germany, not as individuals but as a country.‘Germans he scarcely thought of; all their guilt, Austria’s, did not move him’, only after the war would he realise that the soldiers of Germany and Austria were just like him, individuals with a life to live.Wilfred Owen’s poem ‘Disabled’ is about the experience of war on the common soldier.War leaves soldiers mentally and physically disabled.He wasn’t even afraid of fear itself, he thought he’d be strong enough to not feel it as ‘no fears came yet’.Before he could think about what he was really doing he was already drafted out to war.Owen does this to show that the glory of war wasn’t genuine but something in their subconscious minds and this is revealed after facing the blood-shed.Only now, sitting alone in the park all by himself, he notices how women look over him and go for the men that are whole physically and mentally, those who haven’t been to war.


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