Disaster Preparedness Plan For Business

Lost revenues plus extra expenses means reduced profits.

Small business disaster preparedness planning is easier than you think.

See new tips and resources to finally check "disaster plan" off your to-do list. We asked Frank Russo, founder of risk management company Procor Solutions Consulting. There's a large consumer goods retailer, he says, that calls a standing meeting after every major natural disaster.

Link to How-To Ready Business Toolkit The Ready Business Program provides leaders with the tools to plan, take action, and become a Ready Business.

The program addresses several key parts of getting ready, including Staff, Surroundings, Physical space, Building Construction, Systems, and Service.

Each toolkit contains the following sections: The Business Emergency Preparedness Social Media Toolkit has safety and preparedness messages you can share on your social media channels.

Link to Business Emergency Prepardness Social Media Toolkit Unlike other natural disasters, earthquakes occur without warning and cannot be predicted.A business continuity plan to continue business is essential.Ready Business will assist businesses in developing a preparedness program by providing tools to create a plan that addresses the impact of many hazards.We also have volunteer mentors with decades of experience available in your area to help you get your business back on track for the future.Through the good days, and the bad, SCORE is there for the life of your business.The Ready Business Hurricane Toolkit helps leaders take action to protect employees, protect customers, and help ensure business continuity as well.Link to Hurricane Ready Business Toolkit Link to Spanish Ready Business Hurricane Toolkit Most of the United States is at some risk for flooding, so it is important that organizations, businesses, and community groups understand the potential impacts. economy billion and billion annually and continue to increase each year (CRS, 2012).There is much that a business leader can do to prepare his or her organization for the most likely hazards.The Ready Business program helps business leaders make a preparedness plan to get ready for these hazards.Link to Inland Flooding Ready Business Toolkit Link to Spanish Ready Business Inland Flooding Toolkit While a Power Outage may not seem as dangerous as a tornado or earthquake, they can still cause damage to homes, businesses and communities. Link to Power Outage Ready Business Toolkit Link to Spanish Ready Business Power Outages Toolkit It is not just in Tornado Alley.Most of the United States is at some risk for severe wind and tornadoes Link to Severe Wind Tornado Ready Business Toolkit Link to Spanish Ready Business Severe Wind Tornado Toolkit This “How-To” guide explains how to plan for and deliver effective Ready Business workshops.


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