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The Morality of CCTV Closed-circuit television is widely used in England as a deterrent to crime.It is also used sparingly in Scotland, Times Square, and Atlantic City.As technology improved, the government was able to implement ever-broadening surveillance.

Corporations always collected information on everyone they could, but in the past they didn't collect very much of it and only held it as long as necessary.

When surveillance information was expensive to collect and store, companies made do with as little as possible.

As technology improved, corporations were able to collect more.

As the cost of data storage became cheaper, they were able to save more data and for a longer time.

Do the civil liberties and privacy issues that are taken away justify the protection and safety that CCTV provides?

This paper will look at the moral, statistical, and ethical issues of CCTV.The idea is to capture crimes or images of potential criminals on video surveillance tape so that the criminal can be identified.The dilemma of this practice comes from the moral conflict it creates.The former always collected information about everyone, but over time, collected more and more of it, while the latter always collected maximal information, but over time, collected it on more and more people.Corporate surveillance has been on a path from minimal to maximal information.In Glasgow, Scotland CCTV has been experimented with and has produced positive results. ...nsidering all of the arguments and evidence that I have weighed, I must conclude that CCTV is immoral.In the first year after the installation of the security cameras there were 3,156 fewer crimes and offenses than there were on average in the 2 years prior to the installation of CCTV.2 It should also be noted in this Glasgow study that 67% of those interviewed did not mind being observed by street cameras.2 But now we must question these figures. It is more of an ethical violation than a significant safety measure.Third-party cookies allow those companies, and others, to collect data on us wherever we are on the Internet.Store affinity cards allow merchants to track our purchases.It will look at whether CCTV reduces crime significantly enough to justify the moral and ethical violations it produces. One of the greatest successes of CCTV has been in the catching of David Copeland, the infamous nailbomber. CCTV was essential in capturing this dangerous fugitive and providing safety to the public.“CCTV is a powerful weapon in preventing and detecting crime – just look at how it helped us catch the nail bomber in a matter of days."1 Many innocent lives were saved from the capture of the terrorist.


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