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The IMF warns that the rate of current government expenditure is unsustainable and puts the recovery in risk while those on the economic left suggest that the government expenditure should be further increased to encourage growth.

This could be justified if the expenditure is balanced in the long term by income and the short term excessive expenditure could be excused if eventually; G i B≡T ΔB ΔH; where G signifies government expenditure, i B denotes interest payments on government debt, T denotes tax, ΔB is newly issued debt , and ΔH is borrowed money from central bank.

This dissertation discusses the historic events leading to this era and also reviews the contemporary legislations suggested to curb such unchecked speculators.

Topic Description : Only Slovenia, Slovakia, and Estonia have managed to make it into EMU in 2007, 20 respectively among all the Eastern and Central countries those joined the EU till date.

Subsequently, it evaluates a variety of responses to these policies available for those countries having inflows of capital and states the merits and demerits linked with them.

Topic Description : During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Keynes suggested that the government spending should be increased to pull the economy out of the depression.

To draw a conclusion on the above point, this dissertation takes into consideration both the secondary source of data and primary source of data consisting of interviews with leading economists. Topic Description : The double-dip depression brings into the spotlight the two contrasting economies which exist in the UK, namely, the south-east with the rising housing market and the north-east with a cascading market.

With respect to these regional inequalities, this study focuses on evaluating the economic and political aspects for an abolition of national pay scales and replacing it with regionally determined local pay scales.

Besides, the United States and its quantitative easing policy have a substantial influence on rising economic markets across the globe.

This dissertation topic examines the reasons for inflows of money and also the difficulties that these can produce for rising economies.


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