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At a health club one can expect to find a wide variety of people; however, some of these people add to the downside of working out at a local health club because they can be annoying and obnoxious....

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This system was established in order to decrease the chances of making a mistake when classifying what type of product an industry is dedicated to. I never looked to see how many tables my server actually had or how much running I made them do.

(The North American Industry Classification System in the Current Employment Statistics Program, 2014) SIC codes are used by agencies such as the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IRS and Social Security.... The sad truth is most people do not notice these details either, which may affect the tip their server will receive.

Most of these classes aren't built from years of drinking, rather are formed through the personality traits they already have developed through their childhood and young adulthood.... For example, if we are classifying a company that is in the Dairy business, they would be given a code that the first two digits indicate that they are specifically in the business of Dairy. [tags: Classification Essay ] - Classification of Restaurant Customers “I’ve been here for ten minutes and my server hasn’t taken my order yet!

Then the third digit would specify that they are either in the Cheese or the Yogurt business. ” This is a direct quote from me before I worked at a restaurant.

Different forms of exercise vary from running and playing sports to weight lifting.

Those who enjoy weight lifting can choose to do so in the privacy of their home, in a community center like the YMCA, or in a health club.

People who prefer horror films obviously like to be grossed out or like to be frightened.

The kind of movie someone goes to see can give clues to what kind of person they are.

Romance, horror, action, and comedy are different types of movies.

[tags: Classification Essays] - Classification of Movie Goers Many people go to the movies. Everyone has a different preference on what kind of movie is the best.


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