Dna Essay

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Extracted from a number of sources like blood, saliva, hair, razor clipping, a DNA rest not only helps in understanding genetic relationships but also help a great deal in controlling functions that the cells perform, in turn helping to understand their ancestry.Human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell, which makes 46 chromosomes in total.A photograph of a person's chromosomes, arranged according to size, is called a karyotype.Police investigations in most of such cases rely on the evidence of these DNA reports in order to find out the complete truth behind a relationship mystery because DNA is the most reliable technique to understand the relationship between individuals.Not only is DNA helpful in reveling the genetic reason behind a relationship but it is additionally helpful in carving out a solution for the abolition of these diseases.This process starts at the origin of replication where the double helix of the parental DNA is being unwound by the helicase in two separated strands.Then, single-strand biding proteins bind on the unpaired strands keeping them from repairing.But your genes also mean that you probably look a bit like other members of your family.For example, have you been told that you have 'your mother's eyes' or 'your grandmother's nose'?The topoisomerase helps relieve the strain by breaking and swiveling the DNA strands ahead of the replication fork.The primase synthesize a short stretch of RNA called primer, which is the initial nucleotide chain synthesize during DNA replication.


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