Drugs In Sport Persuasive Essay

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Performance enhancing drugs are substance that is used by athletes or people to improve their performance.Some athletes believe it is necessary to use performance enhancing drugs in order to excel in their performance in sports. Young athletes are at risk of using performance enhancing drugs because of peer pressure.Some of the performances enhancing drug use by athletes are stimulants and pain suppressions.

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Anabolic agents are also used as training aids by athletes.

Some athletes take anabolic agents to recovery from train loads.

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The second reason is performance enhancing drugs cause damage to the integrity to sports.

The third reason is the performance enhancing drugs encourages cheating and dishonest behavior in athletes.

One reason for the controversy is the program check for certain drugs when they should check for all drug types.

It is a suitable moral problem because it is a controversial issue where people can disagree about legalizing or banning performance enhancing drugs in sports.

Performance enhancing drugs damages the integrity of sports and is harmful to the health of the athletes.

There are others who believe performance enhancing drugs provides an extra performance increase.


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