Economic Topic For Research Paper

Economic Topic For Research Paper-73
What we need is a universal way of life tilted towards growth and progress !Where people create wealth collectively, rather than as separate and distinct groups, organizations or entities !If you apply pseudo theories of economics you will never get the right answer !

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In whatever way you analyze, all roads ultimately lead to Rome.

Whether, I have taken the humanitarian way, spiritual way or through this Economic analysis.

Given a projection, the technology will not become obsolete for another 10 years ! Through this economic analysis, I am just providing a basic model, a basic framework of how businesses should be analyzed towards natural growth and what are the destroyers of wealth, that must be uprooted !

However, unless all of humanity can function with the same economic ideology :-Different set of ideologies is what kills !

Cause the patient(s) went back as the clinic was shut down and closed, he / she will spend (and waste) more time searching for another doctor.

The other doctor creates more wealth for himself and the patient(s), as the other doctor got more opportunity that day.

The doctor has destroyed wealth in more than two ways - their clinic space and equipments that remained unutilised, the time their patient(s) spent in looking for another doctor and lastly, timely treatment the patient(s) would have received had the doc been working that day.

After all, wealth or wealth-producing capabilities, viz.

Let me explain you - I sell to doctor, the doctor uses it, patient is happy, work gets done with professionalism, doctor is happy, patient paid up happily (assuming).

Result - More wealth is created because I kept visiting and prospecting dentist clients.


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