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These essays are not intended to replace library research. They are here to show you what others think about a given subject, and to perhaps spark an interest or an idea in you. Thesis: Negotiation through Identification: Elizabeth Tudor's Use of Sprezzatura in Three Speeches - Alisa Brough [.pdf] All the World's a Stage: Pageantry as Propaganda at the Court of Elizabeth I, 1558-1569 - Kimberly K. Westmorland William Paulet, Marquis of Winchester Sir Francis Bryan John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford Thomas Seymour, Lord Admiral Edward Seymour, Protector Somerset Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury Henry Pole, Lord Montague Sir Geoffrey Pole Thomas Manners, Earl of Rutland Henry Manners, Earl of Rutland Henry Bourchier, 2. Earl of Sussex George Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon Henry Courtenay, Marquis of Exeter William, Lord Paget George Brooke, Lord Cobham Sir Richard Southwell Thomas Fiennes, 9th Lord Dacre Lady Jane Grey Sir Thomas Arundel Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Younger Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio Cardinal Reginald Pole Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester John Aylmer, Bishop of London Thomas Linacre William Grocyn Archbishop William Warham Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester Edward Fox, Bishop of Hereford Pope Julius II Pope Leo X Pope Clement VII Pope Paul III Pope Pius V Pico della Mirandola Desiderius Erasmus Martin Bucer Richard Pace Christopher Saint-German Thomas Tallis Elizabeth Barton, the Nun of Kent Hans Holbein, the Younger The Sweating Sickness Dissolution of the Monasteries Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536 Robert Aske Lord Thomas Darcy Sir Robert Constable Oath of Supremacy The Act of Supremacy, 1534 The Act of Succession, 1534 The Ten Articles, 1536 The Six Articles, 1539 The Second Statute of Repeal, 1555 The Act of Supremacy, 1559 Articles Touching Preachers, 1583 William Cecil, Lord Burghley Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury Sir Francis Walsingham Sir Nicholas Bacon Sir Thomas Bromley Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon Sir Thomas Egerton, Viscount Brackley Sir Francis Knollys Katherine "Kat" Ashley Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester George Talbot, 6. of Shrewsbury Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury Gilbert Talbot, 7. of Shrewsbury Sir Henry Sidney Sir Robert Sidney Archbishop Matthew Parker Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex Penelope Devereux, Lady Rich Sir Christopher Hatton Edward Courtenay, E. Earl of Sussex William Parr, Marquis of Northampton Henry Wriothesley, 2.

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Ireland reminded him that his Gloriana was once his Duessa and might ultimately become his Lucifera” (15-16).

Mc Cabe cites the trial of Sir John Perrot as exemplary of attitudes to Elizabeth in Ireland, where distance from her court afforded some freedom of speech.

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of Huntingdon Edward Manners, 3rd Earl of Rutland Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland Henry Fitz Alan, 12.

London, 1510, the earliest view in print Map of England from Saxton's Descriptio Angliae, 1579 Location Map of Elizabethan London Plan of the Bankside, Southwark, in Shakespeare's time Detail of Norden's Map of the Bankside, 1593 Bull and Bear Baiting Rings from the Agas Map (1569-1590, pub. 1596 Westminster in the Seventeenth Century, by Hollar Visscher's Panoramic View of London, 1616.

and John Morris Jackson • New Pleasures Prove: Evidence of Dialectical Disputatio in Early Modern Manuscript Culture - M. Earl of March Sir Henry Percy, "Harry Hotspur" Owen Glendower Henry IV Edward, Duke of York Henry V Thomas, Duke of Clarence John, Duke of Bedford Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury The Battle of Castillon, 1453 William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk Thomas de Montacute, E. of Warwick Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter Cardinal Henry Beaufort John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset Catherine of Valois Owen Tudor Charles VII, King of France Joan of Arc Louis XI, King of France Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy The Wars of the Roses 1455-1485 Causes of the Wars of the Roses The House of Lancaster The House of York The House of Beaufort The House of Neville The First Battle of St. Duke Somerset Margaret Beaufort Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke Humphrey Stafford, D.

Downs-Gamble Index of Encyclopedia Entries: Medieval Cosmology Prices of Items in Medieval England Edward II Piers Gaveston Thomas, Earl of Lancaster Roger Mortimer, Earl of March Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) Edward III Edward, Black Prince of Wales Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster Edmund of Langley, Duke of York Thomas of Woodstock, Gloucester Richard of York, E. Albans, 1455 The Battle of Blore Heath, 1459 The Rout of Ludford, 1459 The Battle of Northampton, 1460 The Battle of Wakefield, 1460 The Battle of Mortimer's Cross, 1461 The Second Battle of St. of Buckingham Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham Thomas, Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby Archbishop Thomas Bourchier Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex John Mowbray, 3. Duke of Norfolk John Howard, Duke of Norfolk Henry Percy, 4. Northumberland William, Lord Hastings Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter William Herbert, 1.

Faust • Undergrad Thesis: Film as a Historical Text: Exploring the Relationship between Film and History Through the Life and Reign of Elizabeth I - Brittany R. Shrewsbury Henry Algernon Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland Henry Algernon Percy, 6th Earl of Northumberland Ralph Neville, 4.

Rogers • "These latter days of the world": The Correspondence of Elizabeth I and James VI, 1590-1603 - Rayne Allinson • The Correspondence of Queen Elizabeth I and King James VI - Janel Mueller • "To Love and Be Wise": The Earl of Essex, Humanist Court Culture, and England's Learned Queen - L. Shenk • The Queen's Voice: Elizabeth I's Christian Prayers and Meditations - Jennifer Clement • Elizabeth I: The Most Elusive Bride in History - Katherine E.


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