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Check out our blog to read Nicholas’ advice on the editing process, which publications you can check out for inspiration, and how to wow him with your competition entry.If you need inspiration to get started, resident blogger Lisa Hiton has dedicated her monthly Spotlight blog to her favorite environmental texts.But she is also a fierce advocate, her prose crafted with purpose.

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We will review the first 100 drafts submitted.) February 16: Reviews returned to Writers February 20: Final Submissions Due March 2: Winners Announced Upcoming Competition Our Op-Ed Writing Competition opens Monday, March 5th. We love seeing the many different approaches in submissions to our monthly writing competition.

For February's competition—Environmental Writing—some of you launched large scale investigations into topics such as rising temperatures around the globe and the effectiveness of recycling programs.

Whether or not you agree with booting the Beat (critics of the decision say that environmental issues demand urgent and dedicated reporters), the matter brings to light how complex environmental writing is: how ingrained and important these subjects are to everyone, everywhere; and how difficult it is to precisely define this type of writing as a singular genre.

Which brings us, dear writers, to this month’s competition.

Or perhaps, instead, you’ll investigate something more particular to your everyday experience, reflecting on how the environment you live in has shaped your life, your family, your perspective, your health, or your values—growing up in the desert, for example, or cutting fish from your diet, or the smog that closes your school.

Finding an Approach The writer and activist Bill Mc Kibben describes Environmental Writing as "the collision between people and the rest of the world." Mc Kibben is referring to the intersection between humans and the natural world, which might be a helpful way to think about this genre.Expert Review: Submit your draft by Monday February 12th and get feedback from our team of experts—authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals.Key Dates February 5: Competition Opens February 12: Submit draft for Expert Review (Optional.Each of the excerpts in this resource shows a different form of humans shaping or being shaped by their environment, and writers writing about it.No Matter Your Approach Regardless of your chosen beat (ethics or politics, technology or climate), chosen style (personal or journalistic essay), or topic (drought in your community, environmental justice, the neighbor’s pigs, wildfires, your patch of city garden, etc., etc.), keep in mind the following guidelines on how to reach your reader when writing about the environment: website and blog) What’s Different about Write the World Competitions?The work of our Environmental Writing competition guest judge Nicholas Kusnetz has been featured in publications like The Washington Post, Businessweek, Mother Jones and The New York Times.So, who better to help guide you through the process of writing a stellar competition entry than Nicholas himself!?“I think when we bear witness, it’s not a passive act.It’s an act of conscience and consciousness that I think does have consequence.Others, like Filipino writer Amber Garma, penned more narrative driven pieces about their personal relationship to the world around them.In her entry “The City-Come-of-Age”, Amber moved readers with her heartfelt reflections on leaving, and then returning to, Cabanatuan, a city in a constant state of flux and urbanization.


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